About us

This is BOHMerang

PR & Online Marketing are our passion! We are a dedicated, motivated, and vibrant team full of PR virtuosos, creative minds, word artists, and marketing maestros. Our goal is to communicate your messages, tell your stories, and make your company or brand shine.

What sets us apart is not only our experience and expertise in various fields but also our enthusiasm for what we do. We firmly believe that good communication is the foundation for long-term relationships and growth.

A little BOHMerang history

In 2013, the agency was founded by Jan-Gerrit Dickebohm – right in the middle of Oldenburg’s thriving start-up scene, which has been nicknamed “Silicon Wechloy” by our colleagues at COMPUTER BILD.

Since then, we have constantly developed in many areas, acquired talent, and continued to advance the 360° approach that sets us apart. With experts from a wide range of fields, we serve a diverse, international client base. From software to lifestyle to multinationals, we have a diverse portfolio – will you soon be part of it?

Jan-Gerrit Dickebohm

Meet Jan Gerrit, the founder and namesake of the agency (DickeBOHM). With a sports science background and a focus on media and communication, Jan gained theoretical knowledge at the Cologne Sport University and practical experience at various organizations.

After working for renowned brands such as Sport1, Sportfive, Sony PlayStation, Animax and Ashampoo, Jan took the plunge in 2014 and founded the BOHMerang agency. What sets his agency apart is its unique approach of offering generous vacation days, fair pay and a strict ban on overtime.

Over the years, Jan’s role has evolved, allowing him to oversee the agency’s operations, maintain his network and tackle clients’ political communication challenges. His ability to boldly say ‘no’ has opened up exciting opportunities for the agency and contributed to its growth, albeit with occasional setbacks.

Outside of work, Jan’s passions are tennis, motorsports and exploring the world through travel.

Johann Lüppen

Johann Lüppen joined the BOHMerang team in early 2015 and has been an integral part ever since. With his keen eye for detail and a knack for spotting stubborn bugs in texts and on websites, Johann is your go-to person for planning and executing classic covermounts, download specials, product presentations, and more.


Drawing from his extensive experience and well-established network, Johann is well-equipped to assist you in the conception, implementation, and marketing of new B2B and B2C software products through traditional PR strategies.


Outside of work, Johann enjoys indulging in his hobbies, which include reading, both analog and digital music, vintage hi-fi equipment, working on garden projects, and following American football (though more as a passive observer ;)).

Jacqueline Schwestka

As a “word pusher” and strategist, Jacky brings together everything that calls for copywriting and a focused outlook. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new SEO blog post, a press release, a newsletter, or a technical paper. The saying “a little copywriting, a little admin” has found affectionate use in everyday life, and rightfully so. In her role as team lead, senior PR consultant and authorized signatory, she is the hub for all questions concerning colleagues, clients and the agency.

Thematically, Jacky mainly looks after clients from the fields of e-commerce, new work, sustainability & energy and start-ups.

Porträtfoto Jacqueline Schwestka

Hendrik Müller

Team-internal go-to guy for everything around tech & software, passionate PR tinkerer, head of the “BOHMerang Team Hamburg” and always happy to be the obligatory comic relief for the team.

It would be boring to fill only one role! Accordingly, Hendrik takes care of pretty much all PR topics, from consumer electronics to system tuners to start-ups in the tech sector. He prefers to work passionately and with a lot of text, because his nimble hand wants to be trained. The former radio voice also does its job if a screencast is due. When it comes to other topics: Never mind. For years, the “agency past” was a colorful mix in the Hamburg scene, from F&B to event PR to extremely bizarre stories of all kinds, there was not a dry eye in the house.

Always according to the motto: Let’s get it!

Vanessa Mühlmeister

Vanessa took off with BOHMerang as her first agency stop in March 2019 and hasn’t looked back since! It’s hard to imagine the team without her – and for good reason!

As the agency’s calming pulse, Vanessa keeps an eye on the main tasks as the team rotates between projects. She is a true all-rounder and at home in PR as well as online marketing as an expert in social media, email marketing and SEA. With foresight and conscientiousness, she provides the right impetus to navigate clients, projects and colleagues through turbulent waters and can smell the next optimization processes from miles away.

Larissa Korscow

Larissa has been with us since fall 2021 and has now outgrown her trainee shoes. Now, as a junior consultant, she not only stirs the PR pot, but also brings the heat to her Google Ads and email marketing measures.


Whether it’s new technologies, marketing strategies or current trends, Larissa’s inquisitive streak keeps her on the cutting edge and on par with long-time experts. True to the motto: a rolling stone gathers no moss! The word “problem” is not in her vocabulary. Solution-oriented, she finds answers and advises our clients, taking into account an inside and outside perspective, always looking for the next creative and innovative approach to take the success of their campaigns to the next level.

Ravina Kumar

Indian roots in the middle of Hamburg. That’s Ravina. Like the diverse spices of Indian cuisine, she adapts to every situation. Whether a quick follow-up or contacting editors – no problem for Ravina. With her open-mindedness and communicative streak, she enjoys exchanging ideas. She has been supporting the team as a volunteer since September 2022 and her thirst for knowledge drives her forward. The imaginative dialog in the team gives her new inspiration for her daily tasks. Every day is an exciting challenge that she takes on with passion and motivation. At BOHMerang, there is no such thing as boredom, but rather varied customer tasks and team events that strengthen the network. Action, new contacts and an inspiring exchange – Ravina is always ready for adventurous rides at BOHMerang.

Vivien Fölsch

Vivien has been a trainee at BOHMerang since October 2022. While she is an all-rounder responsible for a wide variety of tasks and topics in PR and online marketing, her creative flair and eye for detail prove to be a real magic bullet.

With her linguistic background, no mistake, no matter how small, is safe from her – be it grammar, spelling or basic logic, nothing escapes Vivien’s text-sure eye. When the digital red pen and eraser are at rest, Vivien also creates visual works of art on the side. Her intuition for layout, design and color theory not only enriches the agency, but has also been successfully applied in client projects. Her critical and free thinking gives every topic the necessary depth – and you can be sure: whatever Vivien tackles comes out shining at the other end!

Marcel Wessels

At BOHMerang, he is the contact person for IT problems and challenges of all kinds. Starting as an IT content manager, he has become an indispensable infrastructure caretaker of the company over the past two years, with the task of optimizing workflows with an IT professional’s perspective. The springboard and stumbling block for him: his high idealistic demand and moral mission combined with the pitfalls of the information industry. Having received his professional and personal influence from the hacker scene of the 2000s, he is particularly passionate about topics such as data protection, security, and open source.

Privately, he is a hidden woodland creature – living in a green area, riding mountain bikes, and frolicking with his children in the undergrowth.

Leander Bals

Started as an intern, saw and stayed as a working student. The reason: a good team atmosphere and fun at work. With the help of a prospective master’s degree at the University of Oldenburg, he supports the team in everything that is currently pending. This mainly involves system research, preparing and supporting pitches, and ongoing contact with customers and partners. His hobbies are technology and, depending on how big his belly gets, sports.

Elena Dickebohm

Elena supports in the back office, takes care of the well-being of the staff, and of course, also takes care of the boss. A constantly decorated office, organized filing, and good drinks – these are all topics she takes on with enthusiasm. Originally trained as a veterinary assistant, she took care of animal welfare in various positions in Emsland, Munich, and Ammerland. Thanks to her help, we also feel absolutely comfortable in our office.

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