Miss Germany Studios – PR

We have had the opportunity to use our PR expertise twice for the image transformation of the former Miss Germany Corporation. Through coverage in top media outlets such as Handelsblatt and Manager Magazin, we portrayed the company’s transition to Miss Germany Studios, which was highlighted by WirtschaftsWoche and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Image change of the Miss Germany Corporation

Targeted communication of the image change of the Miss Germany contest as well as the new digital strategy to relevant business media.



The client wanted to place the image change of the traditional pageant to the “Empowering Authentic Women” motto for the Miss Germany 2020 pageant away from lifestyle media and also in relevant business media.


The story of the new CEO Max Klemmer was chosen as the storytelling angle to drive the change and image shift and was presented to key business and corporate magazines.


The desired media Manager Magazin and Handelsblatt as well as other media published exclusive interviews and reports about the CEO Max Klemmer and the image change, which increased the perception in business circles and the prestige of the company outside the media and lifestyle industry.